About Us

About Us


To become and remain the leader in providing the highest-quality, of wild and aqua-cultured marine animals, including tropical fish, live coral, and live rock.


  • To provide aquarium hobbyists with the best of the best in marine animals.
  • To help preserve and control the depletion of the ocean’s reefs by growing high-quality, rare aqua-cultured corals.
  • To offer expertise, friendly and knowledgeable customer service to marine and reef enthusiasts like us!
  • To educate our customers about the importance of strong filtration, stable water chemistry, temperature, and adequate and proper lighting, in order to create a perfect aquarium habitat


Coral Reef Farm (CRF) was opened after decades of expertise, knowledge, science and enthusiasm in the marine and reef aquarium industry. Built by aquarium hobbyists for aquarium hobbyists, Coral Reef Farm guarantees the highest quality fish, coral, invertebrates, and live rock available today. We just want to share what we know and love about maintaining a salt-water aquarium with the rest of the world’s hobbyists.

Our 1,500 square foot retail store in Davie, Florida, is one of the country’s largest indoor farms; maintaining marine fish, live corals, including SPS (small polyped stony) corals, Tridacna clams and live rock from the world’s most beautiful reefs.

CRF also specializes in coral propagation and aquaculture, since we strongly believe the ocean’s reefs should be preserved and protected from continuous depletion. Instead of going to your local pet store, with CRF you can purchase your one-of-a-kind rare pieces straight from the farm!

It’s important to mention though, that CRF is not a Frag Factory. We are a true Coral Farm. And like other crops, farm-raised corals need time to grow and become strong enough to survive transportation and transplanting. The availability of our pieces will depend on their growth and size. But we promise to release our corals for sale once we have reached the necessary amount needed to meet demand.

Our natural reefs are precious, and it’s imperative that as aquarium hobbyists, we fiercely protect nature’s wild corals. Our focus is fulfilling the company’s goal of providing rare, beautiful coral, but at the same time offering marine enthusiasts like us the opportunity to purchase farm-raised pieces that are as precious, rare and beautiful as the ones that reside on the ocean’s reefs.

At CRF, we’re dedicated to teaching humanity about the breath-taking, awe-inspiring, and beautiful world that lives in our oceans, and sharing our expertise and knowledge about what it takes to create and maintain your very own piece of reef in your home.

We sell directly to the salt-water hobbyist, as well as pet stores, educational institutions and public aquaria. We will ship directly from our farm to your location anywhere in the U.S, via Fed-Ex or UPS overnight. We can usually ship your order within a few days of your request.


Jeff Bieber was born in Long Island, New York. At a very early age he became interested in ocean life and began his ambition with a 55-gallon salt-water tank, which he filled with rock, fish and coral from reefs all over the world.

He landed his first job in the mid-80’s at a small wholesale fish store in New York. It is there that Jeff began experimenting on perfecting water chemistry, filtration, and providing the best lighting to produce never before seen colors on corals.

He then went on to build aquarium retail stores and large custom reef tanks for aquarium hobbyists. Most of the tanks he has built can still be seen in homes and businesses all over the USA.

Specializing in coral propagation and aquaculture, Jeff has spent the last two decades traveling, researching, and experimenting how to grow and maintain rare corals. Today, Jeff continuously strives for the best, the largest, and the most colorful coral pieces. He continues his love for marine life by collecting and growing rare pieces for his spectacular 1,200-gallon Diamante glass tank at his home in South Florida. Through CRF, he hopes to share his knowledge with novice and expert aquarium hobbyists alike.